Safe countries to travel in

10 Safest Countries in the World


The concept of traveling alone sparks a huge challenge due to the fact that a different environment and ambience awaits the curious wanderer.


In some countries, the locals themselves do not trust their own place as a must-visit, which is of course a warning a traveler should take at their own risk.


But whether it is a matter of national defense and security or work-life balance, these countries are deemed the safest to travel to in 2019.


1.      Singapore


Singapore is a favorite destination of expatriates due to its low crime rates and semblance of better opportunities.


The people of Singapore are very observant when it comes to their cleanliness, which is why chewing gum, smoking, littering, and vandalism are not tolerated at all.


Their discipline and observance only puts their country higher on the list of the safest countries.



2.      Finland


The first in a series of Nordic nations on this list, Finland might be the safest among the fellow Norse solely based on being the “happiest country” according to the 2018 Happiness Report.


Finland is one of the few unknown corners of Europe, which makes it less touched thus, posing a very low risk when it comes to potential dangers.


3.      Norway


Norway may rank second in the 2018 Happiness Report but that does not mean it is less safe. The basis of such is more of a slight economical statistic rather than its people.


Their work-life balance is the third-best in the world which explains why the risk of you being caught in the middle of crime is still very low.


If there’s going to be any danger when you are there, it might be its steep highlands and deep waters rather than crime.


4.      Iceland


Where to begin with Iceland? It is the most equal, most peaceful, and the fairest countries in the world which is why the only way you will find yourself in a bad place here is if you are unjust.


They have low taxes, free education and healthcare, which is all the people of Iceland need. Their lives do not have to be complicated at all.


You might even be the one posing a bigger threat to them than them to you.



5.      Hong Kong


Hong Kong is heavily populated with tourists. Its separation from mainland China gives the people of HK more reason to work on improving their own lives rather than wasting time causing havoc.


There’s not a lot of room for violence to occur since the main purpose of tourists is to visit and leave, while the rest are part of the workforce that makes sure tourism continues to flourish.


6.      Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan may not be the first place you think of for travel due to the threat of neighboring territories but it actually is a police state.


This means that national defense is their top priority, making you safe as long as you are within their borders.


Just looking at its cities’ facades will already make you feel secure.


7.      Switzerland


Traveling to Switzerland is as sweet as their Toblerone chocolate as it is also one of the world’ safest.


The country is a center for banking so you can only imagine. amount of money that comes in and around on a day-to-day basis. Security must be ultra-tight or there goes their economy.


The people are contented with the quality of life and number business opportunities present, which is why they see no reason to do hocus pocus.


8.      Canada


Ironically for Canada, their second largest land area happens to contain the least amount of people. This gives the country a lot of untouched nature to explore.


Pegged as the country with the nicest people, Canada’s abundance of wilderness may pose more of a threat than violent crimes.


There have been more cases of elks and moose posing more harm than human beings.


9.      Indonesia


Indonesia is an archipelago with a whopping 17,000 islands encompassing its state. It is definitely a paradise upon landing.


Tourists are treated to a combination of beaches and volcanoes similar to Polynesian island states.


Indonesians have faith in their national defense, which is definitely repaid in kind.


10. Denmark


Denmark is a perennial placer in the ranking of happiest countries.


This Scandinavian nation has high living standards in health, education, and welfare due to the fact that taxes go to where they should.


The country is a living example of a world without corruption. The people feel safe and secure that they always get what they work and pay for.

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