Traveling in Myanmar.

Is it safe to travel alone in Myanmar?

As a solo traveler, this is one of the first questions I usually get from people who wants to travel somewhere. They ask me “Is it safe in x and x country? Can I travel there solo?”, to which o usually reply “It depends”. But when it comes to Myanmar, I can say that it felt very safe to travel in. Asides all the political issues in the country, I didn’t know much about Myanmar. I knew about Bagan and that was pretty much it. I didn’t know if it was seen as a safe country to travel in and if it was more troublesome traveling there as a female solo traveler.

My guard was still up the first two days, but it quickly changed after I got to actually talk to locals and befriend them. I realized it’s probably one of the safest countries to travel in. Well, that is, if you avoid the north. During my days in Myanmar, I walked around alone in Yangon, I took local buses to Ngapali Beach, I got into taxis, spoke to locals, went to more touristic sites such as Bagan, and less, like Hpa-An. Never once did I feel threatened or scared. I felt like the locals were just curious about who you were and why you were there.

Traveling solo can be hard and difficult because it means you have to take care of yourself. It’s even harder when the country you’re going to feels unsafe. So therefore I’m here to tell you that Myanmar is probably one of the safest places you can travel to. And the most beautiful! Tourism here is just starting to rise so if you know where to go, you can even find places that’s completely untouched by tourism. It’s a fascinating country that has everything you can wish for! The only thing that might be tough is the distances between places. For example, you have Bagan and Inle Lake, which are two of the biggest destinations in Myanmar. It takes around 8 hours to travel between them. Then you might want to go to Ngapali Beach, which is a whopping 20 hour bus ride from Bagan and from Ngapali to Yangon it’s another 16 hours on a bus. But if you’re asking me, it’s definitely worth it and you’ll be able to really see the country on a bus rather than always going on flights. It might sound like a hassle, but once you’re inside Myanmar, it’ll be all worth it.

Whether you are craving for beaches, city life, culture or want to learn more about the country’s fascinating and tumultuous history, you can get it all here in Myanmar.

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